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The Shuswap. Part IV. Boas,F. 1890, Sixteenth Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Leeds.

Early Human Occupation of British Columbia.

Carlson, R.L. and L. Dalla Bona

1990, University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver.


Notes on the Shuswap People of British Columbia. Dawson, G.M. 1891, Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, Section II, Part 1. pp, 3-44.
The Shuswap (Secwepemc). Ignace, M.B. 1998, Handbook of North American Indians. Vol. XII: The Plateau, edited by W. Sturevant, and D. Walker p.203-219. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution.
Putting Archeology into Context: Nicholas, G.P. 1998, The Simon Fraser University-Secwepemc Education Institute Archeology Field School. The Midden 30(3): 2-5.
At A Crossroads: Archeology and First Peoples in Canada. Nicholas, G.P. and T.D. Andrews 1997, Archeology Press, Department of Archeology, Simon Fraser University Publication No. 24, Burnaby, British Columbia.
Shuswap Indian Ethnobotany. Palmer, G. 1975, Syesis 8: 31-70.
Archeological Evidence for Prehistoric Root Gathering on the Southern Interior Plateau of British Columbia: A Case Study from Upper Hat Creek Valley. Pokotylo, D., and P. Froese 1983, Canadian Journal of Archeology 7 (2): 127-157.
Late Prehistoric Cultural Horizons on the Canadian Plateau. Richards, T.H. and Rousseau, M.K. 1987, Department of Archeology, Simon Fraser University, Publication Number 16, Burnaby, British Columbia.
Early Prehistoric Occupation of South-central British Columbia: A Review of the Evidence and Recommendations for Future Research. Rousseau, M.K. 1993, B.C. Studies Vol. : 140-183.
Seven Thousand Years of Prehistory in the Interior of British Columbia. Sanger, D. 1960, National Museum of Canada, Ottawa.
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The Early Prehistory of the Mid Fraser-Thompson River Area. Stryd, R.A., and M.K. Rousseau 1996, Early Human Occupation of British Columbia, edited by R.L. Carlson and L. Dalla Bona, p. 177-204. University of British Columbia Press, Vancouver.
Food Plants of British Columbia Indians, Part II- Interior Peoples. Turner, N.J. 1978, British Columbia Provincial Museum Publications, Natural History Handbook No. 36. Victoria, B.C. 1979 Plants of British Columbia Indian Technology. British Columbia Provincial Museum Publications, Natural History Handbook No. 38, Victoria, BC
The Archeology of Kamloops, Department of Archeology Wilson, R. and C. Carlson 1980, Publication No. 7 Simon Fraser University, Burnaby.
Keepers of the Earth stories, tape version - Hopi, Navajo R. Bouchard  
We Are the Secwepemc (slide tape and video)   Secwepemc Cultural Education Society
Tips and Tales Spallumcheen  
Shuswap Nation Tribal Council Territory map SNTC  
Spele and Tkmeqs Place Names map   School District 89 & Chief Atahm School Production
The Fourth World George Manuel  
Coyote as the Sun   Secwepemc Cultural Education Society Publishing
Ethnobotany Nancy Turner  
Three Bands Fishery Program   (Adams Lake, Little Shuswap and Neskonlith Bands)
Shuswap History - The First 100 Years Secwepemc Cultural Education Society
History of Kamloops Mary Balf  
A Town Called Chase Joyce Dunn  
Kamloops, Meeting of the Waters: An Illustrated History Ken Favrholdt 1989, Windsor Publications

Land Claims handbook

  BC Teachers Federation Lesson Aids
Self Government Package   Department of Indian Affairs
The Queen's People A study of Hegemony, Coercion, and Accommodation Among the Okanagan of Canada Peter Carstens  
NOTES on The Shuswap People of British Columbia George M Dawson Royal Society of Canada Transactions Section II Papers for 1891
The Shuswap James Alexander Teit. The Jesup North Pacific Expedition edited by Fianz Boas Vol. 2 Part VII
Shuswap Cultural Series   Secwepemc Cultural Education Society
The River Is Our Home Laurier Memorial Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
The Land Tells a Story (video)   School District 89 & Chief Atahm School Production
Tegwups and Tqmeqs Place Names map Cstelen map   School District 89 & Chief Atahm School Production
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Welcome to the Secwepemc Nation
Secwepemc Language Resource
Shuswap Nation Tribal Council
Henry Grube Education Centre - Professional Library

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